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Sulfuric Acid Digestion, Sulfuric Acid Baking, and Sulfation Roasting in Mineral and Chemical Processing, and Extractive Metallurgy

Author:                   François Cardarelli

Publisher:              Electrochem Technologies & Materials Inc., Montreal (QC), Canada

Pages :                  xvi, 285 pages, 93 tables, 76 b/w figures
Format:                  6 inches x 9 inches (15.24 cm x 22.86 cm)

Library of Congress Catalog No.:    2023394338
Canadian Classification Number:    TP215 C37 2022

ISBN 978-1-7775769-0-5 Softcover
ISBN 978-1-7775769-2-9 Hardcover
ISBN 9781777576912 eBook

This monograph is primarily intended to serve as a concise review of the industrial utilization of sulfuric acid and the plethora of sulfation techniques used extensively in the mineral, chemical, and metallurgical industries across the world.

The information has been presented in such a form that industrial chemists, chemical engineers, and other practicing engineers, scientists, professors, and technologists will have access to relevant scientific and technical information supported by key data gathered from several disseminated sources along with a brief description of each major industrial processes (e.g., phosphates, titanium dioxide, lithium, alumina, and beryllium), and finally several novel sulfation technologies that might be implemented in the near future.

This monograph will be of value also to men and women engaged in other branches of chemistry and metallurgy that want to understand these techniques outside their field of expertise.

Finally, the monograph may be of interest to persons in the chemical and metal industries occupying nontechnical positions such as executives, patent attorneys, traders, purchasing agents, salesmen and women, to whom a general knowledge of the technical aspect of their business would be helpful

The following topics are covered:
  • Physical and chemical properties of sulfuric acid and oleums;
  • Corrosion resistant materials;
  • Thermochemistry of sulfation reactions;
  • Industrial sulfation processes;
  • Novel sulfation processes;
  • By-products, effluents, and wastes;
  • Concentration and regeneration of sulfuric acid;
  • Prototype and pilot testing;
  • Health and safety;
  • Economic data;
  • Appendices;
  • Index.
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